Holiday Due to Rain: Due to heavy rains, Punjab is on holiday to this day

Due to heavy rainfall, the holidays continue to this day in Punjab

New Delhi. School holiday due to rain: Due to heavy rainfall in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, schools have been announced to be closed. At the same time, all schools and colleges in Punjab remain closed until July 13. On the other hand, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced the closure of all schools for the safety of schoolchildren in the heavy rains in Delhi. holidays

All classes in the schools will remain closed on Monday, but the teachers have not been given leave and have to go to school. In a tweet, Kejriwal said, “In view of the torrential rains in Delhi over the past two days and the warnings issued by the Meteorological Department, all schools in Delhi will be closed for a day tomorrow.” It has been decided to close educational institutions in Himachal Pradesh and Nainital. holidays

Earlier, Education Minister Atishi ordered the Education Directorate to physically inspect all its schools for the safety of schoolchildren. The education minister said the incessant rainfall in Delhi in recent days has created an unprecedented situation. Delhi has received this much rain for the first time in the past 40 years. In such a situation, all the schools of the Delhi government are physically inspected to keep an eye on the safety of the school children. holidays

In his instructions to the department, he said that the city has had continuous heavy rains in recent days. In such a situation, all regional directors of education, deputy director of education, district zones, principals and deputy principals must self-inspect all government schools under them starting today and ensure that there are no such deficiencies in the school before school commences. Remains that in any way threaten the safety of schoolchildren. If a defect or problem is found during the inspection, it must be removed immediately.

Schools in Ghaziabad will remain closed until July 15. holidays

Schools in Ghaziabad will remain closed until July 15 According to the announcement of the district magistrate, schools in Ghaziabad will remain closed until July 15, 2023 due to heavy rainfall.

Schools in Gurgaon will remain closed on July 10, 2023

The schools in Gurgaon are closed today, WFH advises the staff. Schools in Gurgaon remain closed today, 10th July 2023 due to heavy rainfall in the area. According to the official message of Gurgaon deputy commissioner, all employees have been advised to avoid traffic congestion

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