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Hanumangarh News
Instructions were given to adhere to the agreements to deal with adverse situations

People living in low-lying areas around the Ghaggar River are advised to move to safer places.
  • Instructions were given to adhere to the agreements to deal with adverse situations

Hanumangarh (Sachhoon News), Facing the monsoon rains, smooth arrangements for water drainage, taking protective measures in view of the rising water level of Ghaggar River, 100 percent registration of families in anti-inflation camps, implementation of budget announcements on the ground, etc. District Collector Rukmani Riyar Sihag attended a meeting of all departments at the Collectorate Auditorium on issues related to electricity and water on Monday. Several departments and flagship schemes, including electricity, water, and seasonal illnesses, were reviewed, with the district collector directing the officers involved as he assessed the various departments. Hanumangarh News

The district collector said at the meeting that the Ghaggar river has a capacity of 5000 cusecs of water to flow, above which a flood situation arises. Due to the way Ghaggar River areas are receiving excessive rainfall this time, there is a possibility of more water flowing. Given the possibility of excessive currents, people living in low-lying areas around the river are advised to move to safer areas. Hanumangarh News

He instructed the Irrigation Department to continuously monitor, mark and update the water filling points. To cope with adverse situations, the City Council, DSO, SDRF and the local team were instructed to remain alert and repair the essential goods. A response time of 10 hours is given after information, a safe place from adverse situations, arrangements for food, etc. must be written out in advance. The District Collector said that all municipalities should have their pump sets excavated, if additional pump sets are required, ensure cooperation is provided from which department, keep the sewage system clean, barricade deep wells so that no accidents occur in the event of excessive flooding. .

The district collector said instructions given at the 20-point program meeting should be followed. The activities of the Elections Department have started and nodes have been appointed for all activities. All nodal officers must understand their duties and participate in the training provided from Jaipur. As part of the sweep activities, 21 departments have been given responsibility for various activities, which must be completed on time. The district collector ordered to seriously consider the complaints registered on 181 portal. The heads of department concerned should settle all matters in the next 7 days and present the report. Take sensitive action in the matters under public hearing.

In the meeting, ADM Pratibha Deothia, Zila Parishad CEO Ashok Asija, DFO Virendra Singh, CMHO Dr. OP Chahar, DEO Hansraj Jajewal, ACEO Sunil Chhabra, Deputy Director Vikram Singh, Joint Director Agriculture Danaram Godara, PWD SE Anil Agarwal, DTO Sanjeev Chowdhary, City Council XEN Subhash Bansal, CAD SE Ramnarayan Chowdhary, AME SC Aggarwal, Industry General Manager Harish Mittal, Horticulture Assistant Director Sahabram Godara, DMWO Akshit Bishnoi, APRO Rajpal Lamboria were present.

Jodhpur Discom will provide assistance. Hanumangarh News

On the death of 40 sheep and goats in the accident near Chandurwali GSS of the district, the superintendent of the electricity department, KK Kaswan, said that according to the departmental aid amount, there is provision for financial assistance of three thousand for goat and two thousand for sheep, power line Has been inspected, which is absolutely correct. A team has also been called from Bikaner to investigate whether there is a malfunction.

Whereupon the Collector gave instructions for the amount of assistance according to the rules. Diseases spread by drinking dirty water, the agents involved must go to the scene and act effectively. While viewing the Jal Jeevan mission, the district collector said that there should be no work in JJM, for which the work order has not yet been issued, all works must be completed on time.

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