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suspicious death

Goluwala Goluwala News (Frankly News). A youth died Sunday evening under suspicious circumstances at an unauthorized addiction treatment center in Goluwala. The operator of the drug rehabilitation center took the deceased to the hospital by bicycle, left him there for dead and fled. After receiving the information here, the relatives of deceased Sunil (30), resident of 4 BPM (Dabla), came to the scene. suspicious death

He told that the deceased Sunil was not an intoxicant, but was released in the de-addiction center after being disturbed by his habit of fighting. In the case of the youngster’s suspicious death, the brother of Sunil’s late son, Bhuparam, has filed a complaint. After the autopsy, the police handed over the dead body to the next of kin. Here, SHO Bhajan Lal told that Sub-Divisional Officer’s office and senior officials have been notified of this illegally opened de-addiction center. Prima facie there was no permission for the de-addiction center. Goluwala news

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