Uncontrollable Max vehicle fell into river Ganga, SDRF and…

Uttarakhand News
Uttarakhand News Uncontrollable Max car fell into Ganga river, SDRF and police engaged in rescue. accident

Dehradun (Agency). Uttarakhand News: A vehicle carrying pilgrims from different states who had come for Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand fell into the river Ganga on Sunday morning. Five people were taken away after the accident, while six passengers are still missing and are being searched. accident

Superintendent of Police Tehri Garhwal, Navneet Singh Bhullar said that today at 03:00 AM in Chowki Byasi, Thana Muni ki Reti, information was received that a vehicle was coming from Sonprayag to Rishikesh, National Highway between Malakunti Bridge to Hotel Anand Kashi has fallen into a deep canyon below. He said that immediately after getting the information, the police station and SDRF came to the scene and rescued five persons from the Ganges River. He said there were a total of 11 passengers including the driver in the vehicle.

How did the accident happen? Uttarakhand News

Bhullar said that Bijender s/o Jagdish Pandey (46), r/o Badarpur, Delhi, Akash (22) s/o Tej Singh, Pradeep Kumar (27) s/o Mahendra Singh, r/o Shahpur, Punjab, Roshan Kumar (25) s/o Subodh, r/o Nalanda, Bihar and Haryanvi wife Ravi Singh (25), resident of Hyderabad, have been safely evacuated. All were immediately taken to hospital by ambulance.

According to the chief inspector of police, six other people, including the driver, are still being sought. Whose names and addresses were saved by the passengers Abhijit Tyagi, r/o Bhojpur, Bhajan Garh, Delhi, Atul Singh s/o Vinod, r/o Shivpuri, Bihar, Akshay Kumar s/o Manoj Singh, r/o Bihar, Saurabh Kumar, Ravi s/o unknown Hyderabad and Max the driver of the vehicle Name, Address Unknown Still missing. Their search is ongoing.

The rescued passengers said they all live in different places. On July 8, all of them at 8:00 PM and today around 3:00 AM in a Max car from Sonprayag, in front of Malakunthi bridge towards Gular, due to a sudden stone fall from the mountain in the rain, the car became uncontrollable and the car fell directly into the river. I fell

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