Jaipur News | With a view to the municipal elections, extra vigilance is required.

Jaipur News
Chief Secretary Usha Sharma at the assembly level meeting at the Collectorate Auditorium, Bikaner

Public order review in Bikaner division meeting. Jaipur News

  • Organized crime effectively combated through coordinated efforts: Director General of Police

Jaipur. Chief Secretary Usha Sharma discussed the public order situation at the Sabhang-level meeting organized Sunday at the Collectorate Auditorium, Bikaner. Director General of Police Umesh Mishra was present. Chief Secretary Usha Sharma said the district collector and superintendent of police should work better together as a team to maintain law and order in the districts. This coordination must be maintained at the lower level. He said that in view of parliamentary elections, the next six months are very important for the state. Every situation must be checked. After each incident, the response time for action should be shorter. Jaipur News

The first secretary said holding fair and fear-free elections is the government’s first and foremost priority. For this, 100% compliance with the instructions of the Electoral Commission must be guaranteed. He said that the internal harmony of the division must be kept intact. Strict action must be taken against those who influence it by introducing zero tolerance. He directed strict action against every unwanted post on social media.

Chief Secretary Sharma said extra vigilance is needed in the division’s areas connected to the International Border. Interstate activities should also be closely monitored. Police and administration must be aware of every strong and weak side of the neighborhood. District Collector and Superintendent of Police must regularly review to the lower level. Jaipur News

Director General of Police Umesh Mishra appreciated the work of the police in Bikaner and said that organized crime has been effectively combated here thanks to better policing. The activities of criminal groups have declined and public trust in the police has increased. He said that any action by the police must be done according to legal standards. He instructed the police and civil service to jointly visit the areas during the elections.

Director General of Police (Law and Order) Rajeev Kumar Sharma said that based on the experience of the previous assembly elections, preparations should be made in sensitive areas. He directed blockades and vigils to be held at interstate borders as per requirements. He also led the assessment of law enforcement resources.

Chief Secretary (Home) Anand Kumar joined the meeting via video conference. He said police should prepare friends and security friends in the districts. Know the progress of setting up anti-drug posts in Sriganganagar and Hanumangarh. He said officers should also go to the field, that would provide better feedback. At the meeting, the District Collector, Superintendent of Police, Special Officer and OSD (Police) of Anupgarh district of Bikaner, Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh and Churu districts gave a presentation on the points related to the districts. Jaipur News

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