Don’t get stung by dengue and malaria in the rain

Citizens should be careful to avoid malaria and dengue

Skin disease can be caused by wearing wet clothes for a long time in the rain. Dengue

  • Citizens should be careful to avoid malaria and dengue

Hisar (To be honest / Sandeep Singhmar). On the one hand, the rains of the southwest monsoon bring prosperity to the farmers, on the other hand, due to the accumulation of water by the rains, seasonal diseases can also flourish. Malaria and dengue mainly fall under this. In addition, there is also a risk of bacterial infection. Prolonged wearing of wet clothing in the rain can also cause skin diseases. All these people can be saved with just one precaution. The health department has also prepared to save the common man from the sting of dengue in malaria. Due to the accumulation of water in the rainy season, there is a chance that mosquitoes will thrive.

Mosquitoes also increase the risk of spreading dengue and malaria. The GGD makes people aware of the prevention of Malaria and Dengue. In the month of June, malaria blood diagnoses were made in 22 thousand 112 people in the district. A new case of malaria has been detected in the district during platelet testing. In doing so, the common man should play the role of a conscious person.
– Subhash Dangereja, responsible Hisar Malaria Department.

These are the symptoms of dengue. Dengue

Sudden onset of severe headache and fever, muscle and joint pain, nausea and vomiting, in severe cases bleeding from the mouth and gums, pain behind the eyes that worsens with rolling of the eyes and skin. dengue disease. If symptoms of malaria and dengue are observed in a person, they should immediately go to the nearest health center and get tested. So that timely treatment can be done.

Keep lids on water tanks and sinks closed.

To prevent dengue and malaria in the rainy season, keep the lids of water tanks and sinks closed, do not store broken utensils, tires, etc. in the open air, there is a risk of mosquito spawn if rainwater is stored in them. Apart from this, the accumulation of water in the surrounding low-lying areas from rain can also breed mosquitoes. If excess water accumulates, this water can be drained with administrative help or by installing a pump. Taking a little precaution can reduce the sting of malaria and dengue.

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