big news about redemption of 2000 notes

Currency 2000 rupees
Currency 2000 Rupees: Big news about 2000 banknote exchange, RBI to tighten rules?

2 Thousand Rupees Note: Be alert if a Jan Dhan account is opened in your name or in the name of your family members. If notes of Rs 2,000 are deposited in such an account in large quantities, you may come under the scrutiny of the Income Tax Department. The department is concerned that those with black money in Rs 2,000 bills could have their notes exchanged with any Jan Dhan account holder. Therefore, there are preparations for auditing such accounts.

If the transaction is suspicious, the bank will report this. Currency 2000 rupees

A senior official at a public sector bank said he keeps getting instructions from the Income Tax Department. Therefore, special attention is paid to Jan Dhan account. If there is a ‘suspicious’ transaction on a Jan Dhan account, it will be reported. IRS officials say artificial intelligence will also be used in this regard. They believe that black money hoarders may resort to similar tactics to cash their Rs 2,000 notes.

How much do you get on a torn bill? Banknote of 2000 rupee

According to RBI, the treatment of mutilated notes depends on its condition. According to the report, the length of a two thousand rupee note is 16.6, the width is 6.6 and the area is 109.56. In such a situation, if the 200 bill is 88 cm square, you will get the full money, while at 44 cm square, you will get only half the money.

Where to deposit money Banknote of 2000 rupee

Let us tell you that the bank does not charge the customers to exchange the mutilated notes, but it can refuse to exchange the notes in very bad condition. You can deposit the notes that are in worse condition at the RBI office.

check the list before going to the bank

If you are going to exchange 2000 notes in the bank (2000 Note Exchange News), then this news is for you. Yes! According to the information, according to RBI’s holiday list, there will be no work in banks for 12 days in the month of June. According to reports, there will be a pause in the process of exchanging Rs 2,000 notes issued in bank branches on these days.

Holidays may vary from state to state on the occasion of events and festivals held in different states of India. Significantly, on May 19, 2023, it was announced to withdraw Rs 2,000 pink notes from circulation. The process of exchanging these demonetized banknotes has started from May 23rd and will continue until September 30th.

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