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Pooja Sharma
A drama based on the success of a transgender person

A drama based on the success of a transgender person. Pooja Sharma

Mumbai (Sachhoon News). In our society, the third gender/transgender is seen as having a very inferiority complex, which is no less than an abuse for that class. A play “7:40 Ki Ladies Special” based on the true life story of a Kinnar or transgender (Kinnar) who made a difference in the opposite direction of the society is organized by Awara Theater Group, Mumbai.

Location and time: Honestly, the member of the theater group told the representative of the newspaper that this play will be organized at Mukti Cultural Auditorium, Andheri on July 9, 2023 at 7:30 PM.

Transgender Pooja Sharma: The drama is based on the life story of social media celebrity and influencer transgender Pooja Sharma, who is also known as Junior Rekha and is popular for her amazing dancing skills.

This story is the untold journey of Pooja, before she became popular, it shows 3 major events in her life change.

First occurrence: This is the side of life when she realizes she is different from others and was born in the wrong body because she feels different.

Second event: This is her side of life when she decides to leave her family and city after experiencing horrific experiences around her and moves to Bombay in an attempt to find something new in herself.

Third Event: This side sees a major change in her life as she gains respect and recognition for her skills and talent from this rigid society and not based on the gender she is fighting for.

Basically, the play brings out the unknown struggles of transgender people, how society limits a person’s identity to their sex/gender alone.

It also highlights the unseen dark side behind the glamor and popularity of transgender worship, as she continues to be denied basic human needs like home because of her gender/gender.

The piece aims to raise awareness in society about the struggles of the third gender/transgender community and change mindsets so that we can create a safe and fair space for all genders.

the creator : Let me tell you, this transgender drama produced by renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, this drama will highlight not only the struggles of Pooja Sharma Rekha’s life as a transgender activist, but also other unexplored aspects of her life.

artist: Starring Pooja Sharma Rekha in the lead role, the play features Suhrita Das, Viren Basoya, Pratiksha Ingole, Ranjay Kumar, Vaishnav, Geeta Saroha, Siddharth Negi along with writers, directors and actors Viren and Sapna Basoya along with the founders of Awara Theater Group, Rajor Raj, Shamim Rayan, Abhay Mishra, Nitin Kumar, Sneha Ghosle, Shivam, Pooja Sharma, Nilesh, Sagar in a great cast.

The play promises to be a poignant tale of courage and struggle as it highlights the challenges faced by India’s transgender community.

Booking: The play will take place on July 9, 2023 at 7:30 PM at Mukti Cultural Auditorium, Andheri. Tickets for the performance are available through BookMyShow! Book now and don’t miss a witness to Pooja Sharma Rekha’s journey of struggle and success!

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