Malout News | The police arrested the person who took the money from the company by fabricating a false story.

Malout News
In Muktsar, the employee of the financial company had invented a false story about loot.

The police also recovered 17 thousand rupees

Malot (to be honest/Manoj). In Muktsar district, an employee of a financial company had fabricated a false story about loot. The employee withheld the installments of 17 thousand out of greed and reported the robbery to the police. During the investigation, the police arrested the suspected employee. The installment amount has also been recovered from him. Malout News

DSP Balkar Singh gave information and said that Kuldeep Singh filed a complaint and said Annapurna Finance Company’s branch is located in Giddarbaha. Whose employee Suraj Kumar Swami s/o Purushottam Das, resident of Sriganganagar (Rajasthan), came to Giddarbaha by bicycle after collecting Rs 17000 from Alamwala village. The one who told assistant Jagseer Singh over the phone that motorcyclists had taken 17,000 rupees from him on the canal bridge. Malout News

The complainant said that when he and his companion came home and inquired, Suraj Kumar deliberately wanted to take the money himself out of greed. When Suraj Kumar was questioned rigorously, he fled on his bicycle. He said that Suraj Kumar had provided false information to the police by keeping the money. A case has been registered against him. The DSP told that Suraj Kumar was arrested during the investigation and Rs 17,000 was recovered from him in installments. Malout News

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