Ludhiana News | Neighbor turns out to be the murderer in Ludhiana’s triple murder case

Ludhiana News
File photo of Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu and other police officers and deceased Chiman Lal, Surindra Kaur and Surjit Kaur giving information at press conference

Neighbor of three old people including man and woman had killed them with a hammer

  • Police arrested the killer and also found the hammer used in the incident. Ludhiana News

Ludhiana (To be honest / Jasveer Singh Gehl). The triple murder case in the metropolis was solved by the police within 12 hours. The killer of all three turns out to be none other than the neighbor of the dead. Troubled by the taunts of not having children, he killed them by beating them with a hammer. Later an attempt was made to burn the dead body by leaking the cylinder of the house. Among the dead are Chaman Lal, Surinder Kaur and Surjit Kaur. And his killer is a neighbor Robin alias Manna who drives an auto rickshaw and his wife earns her living by selling incense sticks in front of a temple. Ludhiana News

Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu gave information during the press conference and said that Surinder Kaur often taunted Robin alias Manna that she was married for 5 years, why she could not have a child. Surinder Kaur often teased him in front of his wife, also because he had no child. That’s why Robin had taken his words to heart.

On July 6, Robin was sitting on the terrace of his house watching a video on his cell phone. Meanwhile, Surinder Kaur came to watch the rain on the terrace. There Surinder again tells Robin why he is worried about not having a child. After which Surinder Kaur went to take a bath. Robin took a hammer from his house and entered Surinder Kaur’s house by climbing the roof. When Surinder Kaur came out of the bathroom, Robin attacked her with a hammer. When her husband Chaman Lal came out upon hearing Surinder Kaur’s voice, Robin attacked and killed him. When mother Surjit Kaur, who was sleeping in a separate room, woke up the light of the room, she saw blood lying outside, Robin also attacked her, wrapped her in a sheet and threw her into the room. Ludhiana News

After committing the crime, Robin started spraying water outside the house. He repeatedly poured water towards Surinder Kaur’s house. When the police checked the CCTV footage, Robin’s actions seemed suspicious. Robin told police he lit the incense sticks by leaking cylinders into the house. He started spraying water to see why there was no fire or explosion yet. The hammer that Robin used to kill all three, washed in water and put in the trunk along with other things. He was later found by police during the raid. When his forensic examination was done, traces of blood were found on him. In addition, suspicious medicine was found in Robin’s house. Robin told the police that he only wanted to kill Surinder Kaur. Chaman Lal and Surjit Kaur were killed unnecessarily. Please tell that the sons of the deceased Chiman Lal live in different foreign lands.

Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu said that of course Robin has asked to arrest his wife in this incident, but Robin’s wife has no hand in it. He said it is a great crime to brutally murder three members of the same family. For which they will require the court to give Robin the death penalty and appeal to the inhabitants of the place to maintain love and affection for Robin’s wife as before.

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