Heavy rain | Roads in Bathinda flooded due to heavy rainfall, relief from the heat

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Bathinda. Vehicles driving through water that has accumulated on the road. Photo: Sukhjit Mann

Rain proves to be a blessing for the crops, the faces of the farmers shine

Bathinda (To Be Honest/Sukhjeet Mann). While the scorching heat continued to plague people throughout the month, the heavy rainfall over the past week has given people relief from the heat. Heavy rains were recorded in Bathinda and some adjacent areas. In many places in the city there was so much water that the roads took the form of canals. The underpass on the Bathinda-Mansa road was so flooded that traffic came to a standstill. Vehicles were evacuated from other routes.

According to the information, it started in Bathinda on Saturday around 3.30 pm with heavy rain, which lasted for an hour and a half. The rain was so heavy that the streets of the city were flooded. The water began to pour over the roads like canals and the speed of the vehicle slowed, creating a massive congestion in the city. A large amount of water collected on the streets and roads of the city, including Power House, Ajit Road, Kachehri Road, near the bus stand, Parasram Nagar and Nayi Basti etc. So much water collected in the lower bridge connecting the Bathinda-Mansa road was built that the bridge itself was closed due to water, forcing the drivers coming from Bathinda to climb the main road from Jodhpur Romana village to Jassi Pau Wali.

According to Satish Jain of Rama Mandi: While people have been repelled from the heat by intermittent rains since Saturday morning, the rain once again exposed the city’s water drainage problem. Almost all the markets and places of the city were flooded by the hour-long rain, causing many problems for the drivers. Pedestrians also had a hard time navigating the markets and streets, causing problems for motorists. Shopkeepers, already experiencing economic downturn due to heavy rainfall and flooding, remained empty and customers remained absent from the markets.

The weather will stay like this until July 11: Experts | heavy rain

Agricultural meteorologists from the Regional Research Center of the University of Agriculture, Ludhiana, Bathinda have communicated that the weather will remain like this until July 11. According to experts, there is a chance of 20 mm of rain on July 9, 25 mm on July 10 and 5 mm on July 11.

Rain also proves beneficial for crops

This rain is proving to be very beneficial to the agricultural sector as heat damage to the soft and rice crops was feared, but now this rain will serve as fertilizer for the crops. In addition, rain is also a blessing for vegetables and green fodder.

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