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Abuhar News
Cow protectors block the road by protesting.

Abohar (Sachhoon News). About half a dozen cattle riding in a pickup truck were rescued by cow guards on Thursday night, but the smugglers managed to escape after overturning the vehicle. On the other hand, angry with the police for not taking strict action against the cow smugglers, the cow protectors blocked the Sito road. Abuhar News

General Secretary of All India, Jeev Raksha Bishnoi Sabha, Ramesh Bishnoi and Office bearer RD Bishnoi, who gave information about this, said that their members were informed about one o’clock on Thursday evening that some people who were riding in a pick-up truck had killed more than half a dozen animals. Whereupon Rahul and Ankit from his team chased the pickup truck in their car. Abuhar News

When his car got close to Himmatpura, he stopped the pickup and had three cows and six bulls loaded into it, freed from the clutches of smugglers. In doing so, the smugglers fired at them in the air to take the vehicle and they went berserk with the vehicle.

On the other hand, the cow guards again chased their car without taking care of their lives and when their car came near Tarmala, the smugglers’ car overturned near Tarmala and 2-3 smugglers escaped from the spot in it. He reported this to the Sito Chowki police, whereupon the police arrived and seized the smugglers’ vehicle. RD Bishnoi said that the feelings of animal lovers have been hurt by this incident, but the police are not taking strict measures against the unknown smugglers, forcing them to organize a dharna in Seeto Chowk this morning. Abuhar News

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